Real Estate Advice: 10 Top House-Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

    By: Goodale Miller Team – Century 21 Miller Real Estate LTD Brokerage:

    House-hunting is not for the weak of heart. It is more than just calling some real estate agents, seeing a few houses, and moving in right after you found one you like. Things can get very challenging when looking for a new home more so if you’re targeting buying a home in a hot neighborhood. You need to be smart about your search and come up with a game plan for house-hunting success!

    Below is our compilation of the top 10 house-hunting mistakes that you need to avoid.

    1. Listening to Advisers Who Don’t Live With You

    Input from some people is great, but not if they won’t be living with you anyway. Opinion from other people might confuse you and won’t really help you because they would often be speaking about their needs, not yours.

    1. Going in with No Mortgage Pre-Approval

    The last thing you want to convey when house-hunting is for real estate agents and home sellers to think that you’re not serious about your search. This can mean losing out to another buyer who can make a solid offer. More so, mortgage pre-approval lets you know exactly what you can afford.

    1. Not Seizing the Moment

    Go see a new listing if you’re interested. Waiting just a few hours can mean someone might beat you to it in a tight market.

    1. Not Checking the Neighborhood

    How would you feel waking up to the neighbor’s loud drum practice on your first morning in your new home? How about having a hard time getting out in the morning because there is a school nearby and the street is filled with family vehicles and school buses? Always check the small details.

    1. Getting a Crush on Sparkly New Features

    Newly renovated and newly constructed homes have a tendency to make someone want to own them right off the bat, but you have to think that a home is more than new features! Note that most low-quality finishes and materials look great when new but are worthless in the long run.

    1. Not Being Sure What You Want

    You have to know what features you want before shopping for a home or you’ll risk not finding any or being overwhelmed with possible choices. This would save you time too by narrowing your search.

    1. Being Mesmerized By Décor

    Don’t forget to assess whether you’re just loving the staged decorations or the home itself. Unless the home sellers are going to leave everything with the house, you’ll end up with a shell that you’re not sure you like anyway.

    1. Not Settling for Anything Less Than Absolute Perfection

    Your 100% dream home may not exist, so why not consider one that ticks most of your boxes although not all of it? It’s easy to fall for thinking that something better will be available soon.

    1. Not Taking Your Time in Touring a House

    You need to have a real feel of the house and explore it in detail before you make the decision of making an offer for it. Check nooks and crannies, open cabinets, flush the toilets, inspect the kitchen and so on.

    1. Forgetting to Have An Agent

    House-hunting in a hot market without an agent is a waste of time, energy, hope, and effort. Up your chances of sealing a deal by having an agent who can get you first dibs on those new listings. Less negotiation error too! Call Jinks Realty (956) 429-3232 for you Real Estate needs.

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